Installing Vibranium is as easy as installing any npm module. All you need is Node.JS installed in your system.


Install Node.JS

Head over to Node.JS homepage and download the latest (Preferably LTS) installer file and install it in your system. To make sure it is installed properly, try running node --version and npm --version in command line/terminal to see if they are working.

Install Vibranium

Open Command Line/Terminal in your system and run the following command

npm install -g vibranium-cli

To see if the installation is successful, try running vib-cli --version

Once you run install Vibranium, you'll have a CLI command (vib-cli alias vc ) that you can use to execute Vibranium tasks. You can use either vib-cli or vc, both give refer to the same command.

vib-cli or vc in short is the command-line executable for Vibranium. Hereafter, I'll be referring to Vibranium commands with vc, but you can use whichever you feel comfortable with.

Vibranium commands are globally available in your system. So you can run vib-cli or vc from any terminal irrespective of the directory the terminal points to.

Verify the Installation

There are a few important points that we can use to verify if the installation is successful.

  1. Make sure Node JS and npn are installed globally
  2. Make sure you are able to run the command vc from any directory

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